Clause 1: Definition of terms:

Clause 2: Service Content

Clause 3: Coin regulations

Clause 4: Acceptance of terms of use and supplement

Clause 5: Registration and Use of account

Clause 6: User Conduct

By using FOOTBALL TIP app, you are prohibited from performing any of these following contents, including but not limited to,

In connection with your access to or use of the Service, you shall not:

Clause 7: Principles of handling violations

Methods of handling violations:

The third handling method defined in term 1 shall be used, including but not limited to the following actions:

The second handling method defined in term 1 shall be used, including but not limited to the following actions:

The First handling method defined in term 1 shall be used, including but not limited to the following actions.

Clause 8: Exchange of information

Clause 9: Rights and responsibilities of FOOTBALL TIP’s Users

Clause 10: Rights and responsibilities of FOOTBALL TIP TEAM

Clause 11: Responsibility limitation and guarantee refusal.

Clause 12: Principles for dealing with breaches and settlement of disputes and complaints

Clause 13: Copyright and Procedure for reporting copyright infringement

Process of reporting copyright infringement:

- The real signature of the authorized person who is on behalf of the owner of a proprietary product.

- The description of the copyrighted content which is infringing as you believe

- The description of the position where the material you believe to be infringing is on FOOTBALL TIP. The description should be sufficient enough to allow FOOTBALL TIP to locate the document.

- The reporter’s contact information such as address, telephone number, email for FOOTBALL TIP to contact.

- Your declaration that you believe the use of such content is not allowed by the copyright owner, the exclusive agent or the law.

- Your declaration that information you reported is accurate and you accepts the penalty for perjury that you act on the copyright owner’s authority.

Clause 14: Collection of personal information and policies to protect private information of users

In order to ensure and give better service and to provide the competent documents to authorities when requested, FOOTBALL TIP will collect your data including name, phone number, email, login name, login password.

1. The purpose and scope of the collection

The data collection of FOOTBALL TIP mainly includes name, phone number, email, login name, login password. Those are the mandatory information that you need to provide when registering for the service as well as to help FOOTBALL TIP contact for confirmation to ensure the interests in you when you register accounts on the website.

You will be solely responsible for the confidentiality and the storage of all uses under your username, password and email. In addition, you take responsibility for timely feedback on FOOTBALL TIP service of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of a third party's login name and password to take resolution action.

2. The scope of information use

FOOTBALL TIP uses your information provided for the purposes of:

3. Information storage duration

Your personal data will be stored until (i) there is a cancel request or (ii) you sign in and cancel. Otherwise, your personal information will be secured on FOOTBALL TIP’s server

4. Privacy Policy for Member Information

Clause 15: Risks of storing and sharing information on the internet

Clause 16: Validity of the agreement.